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As you check out the TriNoma Cinema schedule, Ayala Malls Trinoma caters to the lifestyle of its moviegoers. Creating a pleasurable movie-watching experience is the goal.

TriNoma Cinema introduced its Dolby-created Digital 3D Cinema (CInema 4) to rival the IMAX theaters, and since then, things are never the same again. It’s an immersive experience no less that makes scenes come alive before your eyes.

The state-of-the-art cinema technology gets a boost, creating more visually stunning graphics and crisper sounds. Such technologies keep the movie watchers more engaged with the story and the characters. Also, Cinema 3 now offers lazy boy seaters.

TriNoma Cinema also serves host to special screenings, block screenings and even movie exhibits, particularly those digitally-remastered ones. Many activities happening at the lobby are usually prepared for the moviegoers.

TriNoma Cinema is located at the 4L of Ayala Malls TriNoma in EDSA cor. North Avenue, Quezon City. TriNoma has seven cinemas to date, six cinemas of which are THX certified.

TriNoma is also a member of the National Cinema Association of the Philippines. In 2018, it participated in the Quezon City government’s initiative to allow senior citizens to watch movies in its cinemas.

TriNoma Cinema also offers movie ticket promos open to all customers on specified movie dates. Discounted tickets are usually usable on screenings from Mondays thru Thursday on pre-determined dates. Check the website and social pages regularly for the updates.

**Movie titles and screening dates are subject to change and scheduling of TriNoma Cinema management.

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